Matthew Daniels

Matthew Daniels is a range of quality kitchen utensils and innovative products introduced to the market by Globaleyes Distribution. Globaleyes have been supplying kitchen utensils and food storage solutions to Woolworths and Coles supermarkets for many years. Diversified across a few different retail segments, Globaleyes is also known for creating and distributing the Wif-fix brand of air fresheners which can be found in over 5,000 retail outlets across Australia.

Ident and Globaleyes have worked together on a variety of projects and initiatives. As well as designing products under the Wif-fix brand name, we have applied our creative skills to help Globaleyes bring a number of business initiatives to market, including the launch of their own brand of quality kitchen utensils, Matthew Daniels. From a smorgasbord of creative branding solutions presented (some of which are shown here), the final design was inspired by the folding of a napkin, creating a unique holding shape to a stylised ‘md’ logo. Blended with a uniquely crafted font for the Matthew Daniels wordmark, the end result was a sophisticated yet honest brand identity that formed the foundation for a striking, distinctive packaging range, using food to inject a bold dash of colour.

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