Accord is the national industry association representing manufacturers and suppliers of hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products, their raw material suppliers and service providers. Accord are the respected voice of a dynamic industry, with a membership base of leading businesses ranging from large multinational firms to smaller Australian-owned enterprises; local manufacturers to product importers. Accord Members make a significant contribution to the Australian economy and it’s industry product sales are close to $10 billion annually.

Ident and Accord have been working as a team since 2006. Since designing Accord’s annual report 13 years ago, we have created every annual report and so much more ever since. We have been responsible for designing the identities for all Accord initiatives (some of which are shown here), as well as various display and promotional assets. In 2014 we designed the Accord website (a refresh is coming in 2020) and subsequently various websites to support the Accord initiatives, with the most recent being launched in 2018.

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