Various clients

Creating memorable brands is our passion. Each brand has a unique combination of rational and emotional qualities associated with a product, service or company. Like a fingerprint, a brand is an identifier, and it should express a visual language that is tailored specifically for it’s intended target audience. Whether you like the look of a brand or not is relatively immaterial, providing the brands visual language is on-point with it’s role and purpose.

We all associate with particular brands, we cannot help it, sometimes positive – sometimes not. Factors such as bad service or poor quality can persuade us to feel negatively towards a brand. On the other hand, brands can also make us feel joy and excitement. Without much else to support it, the Apple® logo can evoke immeasurable desirability, or the classic Coca-Cola® red and white logo can make us feel thirsty. The power of brands should never be underestimated. Successful, timeless brands like these maintain their success because people believe in them.

Design is an endless exercise in communication. All the brands we have created have been the result of in-depth discussions with the client and a thorough understanding of it’s target audience. From global brand packaging, to local SME’s, our approach is the same – to go beyond answering a brief and deliver considered design solutions that work now and into the future.

Here are a few examples of our work for a variety of clients.

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