For nearly 120 years, Eveready has been the battery brand the world has trusted the most. In 1959, Eveready developed the first commercially viable cylindrical alkaline batteries, revolutionising portable power forever. With an extensive range of products ranging from batteries and rechargeable power solutions to torches, Eveready is a brand recognised the world over. Australia has been a key market for the global brand and in particular Dolphin, which originated in Australia, in 1967. Today, Australia remains the largest global market for Eveready torch products.

Ident have been working with the Eveready brand for over 18 years. In 2000 we redesigned the Eveready packaging portfolio introducing the first Eveready Alkaline range to the Australian market – Eveready Gold. Seven years later, we were invited again to refresh the range, which triggered a dynamic global look for the brand. Following this huge success, we have helped extend the range into new markets and product segments such as Lithium power. Over the years we have been a key player in helping the brand launch new initiatives creating POS campaigns, NPD launches, promotional and seasonal activities.

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